TMS Therapy Near Me in Lakeport

TMS Therapy Near Me

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a procedure that
stimulates nerve cells in the brain. The procedure is done for a patient
who has severe depression and other treatments seem to have failed. TMS
therapy is non-invasive, as it uses magnetic fields that directly
stimulate the brain. Other depression treatments involve antidepressants
and psychotherapy.

How TMS Therapy works

During transcranial magnetic stimulation, an electromagnetic coil is
placed against the patient’s scalp. The coil releases magnetic pulses.
These pulses are sent to the brain and they stimulate the nerve cells.
The magnetic pulses are said to target the specific area in the brain
responsible for depression. Once the nerves are stimulated, they boost
the patient’s mood. This calms the patient down and decreases their
symptoms of depression.

The patient is required to undergo multiple sessions.

Risks & Side Effects

If you would like to proceed with TMS therapy, you need to know the
risks and side effects involved.

Risks: The TMS procedure is considered safe. It does
not involve surgery or deep brain stimulation.

The procedure may cause a few side effects as listed below:

  • Discomfort at the location where the electromagnetic coil is

  • Headache

  • Tingling feeling on the facial muscles

  • Lightheadedness

Before you are taken in for the treatment you need to prepare in two

Step 1: A physical examination is done – This involves taking some
necessary lab tests as requested by your doctor.

Step 2: A Psychiatric examination is done – This involves a
discussion to evaluate your level of depression.

The TMS procedure can help a patient overcome depression even if
previous treatments have failed. Due to its advanced level, an
evaluation is undergone to determine whether you are a candidate for the
procedure. TMS is done serially and is most effective when done daily
for a series of weeks as advised by your doctor. You can schedule an
appointment with us if you are suffering from depression, and we will
help you determine your next course of action.