TMS Therapy Near Me in Lakeport

TMS Therapy Near Me

One technique used to treat depression is Transcranial magnetic
stimulation (TMS). TMS therapy is a technological procedure that is
non-invasive and it stimulates the brain using repetitive magnetic
pulses to improve a patient’s mood. The Transcranial magnetic
stimulation (TMS) procedure is usually done when other treatments for
depression have failed. Common treatments for depression involve the use
of medications or talk therapy.

Who is TMS Therapy for?

The TMS procedure is for:

  • A patient who has taken depression medications but is still
    feeling depressed.

  • A patient who has gone through psychotherapy but has not

Who is TMS Therapy not for?

This procedure is not for:

  • A patient who is pregnant.

  • A patient who has any metal implants or devices such as Cochlear
    implants for hearing unless any risks are ruled out.

  • A patient who has seizures or a family history of

  • A patient who has a brain tumor.

What to expect with TMS Therapy

Depression is treatable but sometimes initial treatments fail and the
patient isn’t getting better. With TMS, a patient can improve their mood
through brain stimulation. During the procedure, an electromagnetic coil
is placed against your scalp. Electromagnetic pulses are released into
your brain. These pulses calm you down by activating nerve cells whose
activity levels had reduced.

The biology behind TMS is not fully understood but it targets an area
of the brain that is responsible for the patient’s mood. Once the mood
improves the symptoms of depression go down. With repetitive sessions,
the patient gets better.

TMS is typically done daily over a period of weeks. It is done at
your doctor’s clinic, therefore patients need to plan their schedules
before beginning treatment. If you want to learn more about TMS therapy
or you would like an evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for
the procedure, give us a call.