TMS Therapy for Depression in Lakeport

TMS Therapy for Depression

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) therapy for depression is a
treatment administered to reduce depression symptoms through magnetic
stimulation of the brain. TMS therapy for depression is particularly
useful to patients who have severe depression or have taken depression
medications without success.

When compared to other depression treatments, TMS therapy has the
following benefits:

Benefits of TMS Therapy for Depression


TMS therapy for depression is the least invasive compared to other
treatments. Apart from talk therapy, all other depression treatments
invade the functions of the body in one way or another. For example,
deep brain stimulation and vagal nerve stimulation depression treatments
are more invasive. The use of antidepressants also can leave the patient
with undesirable side effects such as weight gain.

Minimal Side Effects

When compared to other treatments, TMS therapy for depression has
little to no side effects. Those patients who get side effects normally
report a headache or a feeling of lightheadedness. The use of
antidepressants is common but can cause uncontrollable mood swings, dry
mouth, weight gain, or stomach upset.

Fits Into Your Schedule

TMS therapy is administered in sessions with each session taking
approximately 30 minutes. Despite the daily therapies, there’s only a
minimum adjustment to your daily schedule. The procedure is quick and
does not require you to use any anesthesia. This means after your
session, you can continue your routine activities without the need to
rest first.

TMS therapy for depression is for you if:

  • You have tried other depression treatments without

  • You want a minimally invasive treatment without major side

  • You have major depression disorder (MDD).

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clinic. TMS therapy for depression is very effective compared to other
treatments. If you have any metal implant in your body, make sure you
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