Benefits of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Lakeport

Benefits of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

You have been diagnosed with depression but what can you do if drugs
and psychotherapy don’t seem to work? Have you tried Transcranial
Magnetic Stimulation?

What is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation?

TMS is a treatment that fights depression through brain stimulation.
With this treatment, your doctor uses an electromagnetic coil. The coil
is placed on your scalp during treatment. Your doctor will switch the
coil on and off repeatedly to release magnetic pulses. These pulses
reactivate nerve cells in your brain.

When a patient suffers from depression, the specific part of the
brain that controls their mood and actions becomes less active. TMS
therapy rejuvenates the cells in this area to help the patient boost
their mood.

Who is a good candidate for Transcranial Magnetic

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is mostly used to treat depression
in cases where the patient has become resistant to other treatments. You
are a good candidate if:

You have taken antidepressants but aren’t getting better.

You have tried talk therapy without results.

You want an alternative depression treatment with minimal risks.

Benefits of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

  • TMS treatment is non-invasive. It doesn’t interfere with the
    normal operations of your body. The electromagnetic coil used is only
    placed on your scalp.

  • TMS treatment is effective and quick compared to other treatments
    such as antidepressants. A TMS session takes approximately 40 minutes. A
    patient needs 30 sessions in 6 weeks.

  • TMS treatment doesn’t have major side effects. A patient can go
    back to work immediately after therapy.

  • TMS is not painful. No anesthesia is required.

  • TMS stimulates the brain but doesn’t leave any damage.

  • TMS is a good option for a patient who has MDD (Major Depression

Depression is not part of you. We can help you fight it using TMS. If
you would like to get help, contact us.