Alternate Depression Treatment with TMS in Lakeport

Alternative Depression Treatment with TMS

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is an alternative treatment
for depression. The treatment is not as popular as psychotherapy and
antidepressants. TMS involves a procedure that uses a magnetic coil to
stimulate the brain. TMS was considered an alternative treatment for
depression, but it is becoming more popular. TMS is now recognized as a
treatment option that helps patients who are not responding to

What to expect with TMS alternative depression

If you are diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder (MDD), TMS may be
an alternative treatment for you. Depression affects a patient’s normal
life and interferes with their pattern of thoughts. TMS is a treatment
that targets the brain. The procedure involves stimulating nerve cells
in the brain using magnetic fields. Treatments target a specific part of
the brain that controls the patient’s mood.

TMS involves several sessions when being used as an alternative
depression treatment. The sessions can last anywhere between 30 minutes
to 1 hour. Sessions are scheduled on 5 consecutive days of the week for
6 to 8 weeks.

TMS treatment does not require the use of anesthesia for sedation
because the procedure is painless. An electromagnetic coil is placed
against your scalp to repeatedly release magnetic pulses.

TMS is gaining popularity as an alternative treatment for depression
because it has little to no side effects. Patients who experience side
effects would normally report a headache or a feeling of
lightheadedness. It is also a preferred treatment because it is

Our clinic helps patients who have Major Depression Disorder to
overcome the problem and regain a normal healthy life. We are here to
help you get the right TMS treatment. If you have tried all
antidepressant drugs without any positive results, your struggles are
over. Talk to any of our TMS experts by calling us.